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The Swirl-Hammer is a coral of, all be it recently, the Fimbriaphyllia family. The scientific name recently changed from Euphyllia to Fimbriaphyllia, aka. Frammer, Genus.  Some common names for these type of Frammer corals are Hammer and Anchor coral because the end of the polyp tentacles have a hammer or anchor shape. There are a few variations of this coral type that vary in color pattern, color intensity, and are known by different trade names in the Frammer family of coral. This is a branching variety of hard stony coral that grows a large fleshing portion out of the coral head. The two heads of Swirl-Hammer in the Bridge Tender reef was fragmented from a donor parent colony in February 2020. The parent was itself a fragment from a parent colony when it originally arrived at Reeves' Reef in July 2017.  Before then the origin is unknown as to age and unknown frag-generation of this coral. Chances are that this coral is budding new branch heads.  Can you see the division of the coral heads as the coral grows?

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